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Business As a Love Affair

Just before COVID-19 changed our world I did a TEDx talk on how businesses must become healing for People & Planet, in order to save our climate and ourselves. Historically, the leading paradigm has been "the business of business is business". Now it has to change to "the business of business is love for People & Planet". A radical shift, but we can do it.

Podcast with Iværksætterhistorier


Here's a retrospective on my entrepreneurial journey summed up in this podcast with Iværksætterhistorier (Entrepreneur Stories). Only available in Danish.    

Finally Monday Podcast with Line Reeh

finally Monday podcast

Can one meditate to become a good boss? In this conversation with Line Reeh, we discuss bringing heart and wisdom into business. Wisdom from domains often overlooked by traditional business education. Podcast only available in Danish.

Image by Christopher Beloch

The people-led show: what does love mean in business?

In this video interview with The People-Led show, we explore the question of whether love has a place in business. And we discuss how money, people, and planet are closely aligned trough what the old Greek philosophers called Philia.

At turde FM Podcast: Business must provide profit And meaning 

In this episode #148, I share perspectives on the balancing act between purpose and profit, which companies will need to perform in order to succeed in the future. This podcast is available only in Danish. 

leading through crisis

Kirsten Stendevad interviewed me on the topic of: "New leadership from the inside out". We talked about what COVID-19 means for business and leaders, in the bigger picture. 

growth island podcast

On 10th March 2020, I sat down with Mads Friis to contribute to his podcast. Check out episode #38: Life Lessons From a Successful Entrepreneur and How to Use Business as a Force For Good

how entrepreneurship can save the world

It was amazing to visit the small island of Guernsey to participate in TEDx St Peterport. In this talk I share my belief that entrepreneurship and innovation are key elements in our efforts to move humanity forward.

berlingske podcast

On 7th February 2019, Berlingske Podcast published this episode #1.8: Modgang, discussing setbacks and how to navigate difficult times. This podcast is available only in Danish.

mind body lab podcast

In this podcast Fie Tiedt Højland interviewed me on the topic of personal growth, purposeful work, and how I have worked with spiritual mentors. This podcast is available only in Danish. 

a dialogue about entrepreneurship that matters

In this podcast, I talk to a fellow entrepreneur, Jonathan Løw about how to create companies that truly make a positive impact and not just talk about doing so. This podcast is only availble in Danish.

the work life podcast

Society and the media tells us, that in order to be successful we need to sacrifice a lot, work very hard, even if it means missing out on some of the most important moments in life... not to mention risking burnout and other illnesses linked to overwork. Here's another idea! 


In this video Brian Rose, his co-host Patrick, and myself discuss the idea that success requires sacrifice. Why it is essential to identify and nurture our true passion in the startups we create. And so much more. 

Rollemodellerne Podcast

In this podcast I talk about how it would serve us not to associate so strongly with the stories we tell ourselves, and share advice on how to have a good life while we build successful businesses. This podcast is available only in Danish

winning without losing

"Co-founder of the innovative startup factory, Rainmaking, Martin Bjergegaard challenges the myth that being a successful entrepreneur requires you to sacrifice most other aspects of life. This event was chaired by Andy Gibson, entrepreneur and consultant specialising in technology for social change."

building a leading service platform

"How does a founder who’s miserable at his job create a multimillion dollar company? Martin Bjergegaard is the founder of, Denmark’s leading food portal with millions in revenues. He’s also the author of Winning Without Losing. And he’s running several companies, including Rainmaking, which turns ideas into businesses, and startupbootcamp, a European accelerator."