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winning without losing

Winning Without Losing is a book about how to achieve great success with your venture, while at the same time living a happy and healthy life.


It was awarded Management Book of the Year by Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in collaboration with British Library and Henley Business School. The leading UK retailer WHSmith selected it as Book of the Month. It became a bestseller in many countries, incl. UK, Russia and South Korea, and was translated to 18 languages and distributed in 30+ countries. Readers will learn 66 crucial lessons about long term sustainable entrepreneurship and leadership from 25 amazing role models from all over the world. 

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succes uden afsavn

Succes Uden Afsavn, the Danish translation of Winning Without Losing, was published by Gyldendal. 


how to be a leader

How to be a leader is published by MacMillan in collaboration with The School of Life. The book unfolds a new leadership paradigm, and shows how leadership is a choice and an opportunity, rather than a title. With the objective to increase the reader’s self-knowledge and authenticity, this book is recommended for its ability to enable all of us to step up as a leader, even if we don't necessarily fit the business leader stereotype. The writing style is engaging, informal and based on examples and storytelling, with the purpose to inspire a more compassionate, sustainable and long term successful approach to the running of businesses. 

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the great idea

The Great Idea is a mix of a fantasy novel and a startup manual, for the purpose of inspiring an entrepreneurial mindset in children aged 8-12. Officially recommended for the use in libraries, and distributed as part of a nationwide campaign for schools in Denmark. This little book has touched many hearts, big and small. 

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Den store idé

The Danish translation of The Great Idea.

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