Rising to great heights requires Inner Strength 

Gain the benefits of 1-1 Founder Coaching

the key to a life well lived, and a startup well built

The path towards long-term success, and thriving as a human being, is to first and foremost optimise for our own internal growth and strength. For startup founders this is particularly important, since we operate under extreme uncertainty and have to pull off a feat that is incredibly difficult. 

Hi, I'm Martin

​After 20+ years as a serial entrepreneur, ecosystem builder, startup investor, innovation leader, and bestselling author, I have decided to dedicate myself to the success of others. 

The journey I've been on includes: co-founder of Rainmaking, where we've raised 20+ million EUR for our own startups; co-founder of Startupbootcamp Global, which has assisted 800+ startups to raise 700+ million EUR; co-founder and CEO of Able, with 20+ million EUR in annual revenue; co-founder of BetterNow, which has raised 15 million EUR for charities; co-founder of TechBBQ; business development manager at Meyers; and management consultant at McKinsey & Co. 

Whatever you're going through, chances are, I've been there. If you are a startup founder, I'm here for you.


How I Can Help You

  • We address your most important topics, whatever they are.

    55 min

    200 euros
  • Understanding yourself as a founder, and optimising your inner tech.

    55 min

    200 euros
  • Your people define your success. How are you shaping your culture?

    55 min

    200 euros
  • They can make or break your business. Optimise these relationships.

    55 min

    200 euros
  • Sometimes life hurts. Turn every crisis into growth and opportunity!

    55 min

    200 euros
  • What's the optimal next step that will move your venture forward?

    55 min

    200 euros

If you have other topics you are keen to work on, please get in touch. 


"I have been very grateful for talking to Martin because he is honest and inclusive in his approach to people. As a mentor Martin has a unique ability in combining business and authenticity, and therefore he is excellent at accommodating peoples’ needs and letting each individual perform from an individual starting point. Martin has the courage to combine business and strategic thinking with philosophy and psychology which creates changes that last for a long-term period."

Avnit Singh, CEO, TechBBQ

"Speaking with Martin was eye-opening and insightful. Just like a wise teacher, he guided me towards tapping into the beneficial power that lies within me. He helped me see my purpose and offered me tools to bring positive change into my life, and to those around me. I can truly say that every session with Martin left me more inspired, and his advice guides me everyday. Being at the beginning of my journey in business, I feel blessed to have had the chance to receive such powerful advice and insight"

Daniela Alamorean, M.D.

"Martin has helped me look inwards and find the solutions in myselfMy pattern has been to seek the answers from someone else, and he made me aware that some questions only I can answer. Through his coaching I have gained the strength to unleash my inner potential to a much larger extentThis has made me a much better leader. I am now more able to empower my fantastic team, and they in turn unfold and grow faster than before. This has already created tangible results for our work and improved my job satisfaction. In addition, Martin helped me to work on my shadow sides, take more responsibility, and to commit to self improvement in a constructive way."

Nadim Alawi, Chairman, Greencubator

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